The Invisible College - Demons of the Third Reich William Stuart

ISBN: 9780755215836

Published: August 7th 2013


420 pages


The Invisible College - Demons of the Third Reich  by  William Stuart

The Invisible College - Demons of the Third Reich by William Stuart
August 7th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 420 pages | ISBN: 9780755215836 | 7.50 Mb

What cabal caused the chaos of WW1, and who paid for it to continue for two extra years for profit? This dark gathering belongs to no country, has no compassion, no human kindness, and for centuries has been the source of slaving, the drug markets, currency manipulation, eugenics, and the making of wars. Why were two sets of brothers in WW1 organising submarine warfare from homes in America and Germany? Who blackmailed Lloyd George and President Wilson from the arms trade? And how did countless millions in war profit in WW1 find entrance to shadowy bankers pockets?

How fits the activity of an ancient family bank of Babylon and Rome, in its new form as St Georges Fondo of 697AD in Venice, a bank that ominously appears to survive into modern society and to have interest in World conflict even today? Why were central, political agents of this family bank all defrocked priests, cavorting in the dark using the Book of Revelation in their initiation ceremonies? What was going on that they should secretly recruit Hitler as a Roman Catholic choirboy, and train him in the way of their secret cabal, Fratres Lucis?

What is going on that strange, Masonic lodges and central banks should be dominating our society- that old world occultism and paganism should now be seeking control over the Christians moral democracy? Who supplied the bankrupt Nazis with money, uniforms, guns, planes, warships and so much more?

What is it that we need to know, about our wartime and peacetime too, and why does it appear that the EU, first planned by Italian agents in 1837 and brought forward via unreported meetings, should be organised in detail by the very same international bankers in Canada in 1942? Someone, something is rewriting our history so that we never see the Invisible College until it is too late to avoid the latest plan. Perhaps it is time that we drew the curtain open and let light shine upon the esoteric world.

As bad man combine, so we must associate, taking the battle flag for a better world from the lifeless hands of those who gave their yesterday for our tomorrow- looking again at some government, their mistakes, and their compliance with the financial oligarchy...the owners of the world stage.

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