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Kindred Spirits  by  Michelle Post

Kindred Spirits by Michelle Post
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As promised, Darcy Butler returns to the Crow Indian reservation. It has been one year since she completed and sold her novel based on her roots and the Crow Indian tribe. Her novel had sold well and she decided that she would give back to a culture that had enriched her life.Upon her return, she finds a gift bestowed upon her from her mentor and distant cousin, Tiponi. The wise elder of the tribe has left his journal for Darcy in the event of her return as vowed by the ‘great storyteller.’The book becomes a treasure to Darcy as she discovers the plight of the children of Running Wolf and The Mourning Dove.

Tiponi will continue with his story taking Darcy on a journey that will entail the completion of the prophecy. It will be an emotional excursion for Darcy.Once again, she will witness though the wisdom of Tiponi the true character of American Indian. She will gain a new pride in her heritage as she follows her ancestors from the free roaming time to the present obscurity.In the end, Tiponi will have one final request.

Darcy will be faced with a heartfelt wish from the grave of her departed spirit guide. If she chooses this path she will be instrumental in taking the prophecy full circle. It will also change her life forever and her relationship to Jack. Darcy will have to draw from the spirits of her heritage in her decision.

Her life will run parallel to those before her as she embarks on the pronouncement of uncondional love and devotion.

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