The Little Selkie (Timeless Fairy Tales, #5) K.M. Shea


Published: April 23rd 2015

Kindle Edition

233 pages


The Little Selkie (Timeless Fairy Tales, #5)  by  K.M. Shea

The Little Selkie (Timeless Fairy Tales, #5) by K.M. Shea
April 23rd 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 233 pages | ISBN: | 10.35 Mb

It is with great reluctance–and a lot of frustration–that Dylan, a selkie, saves the Ringsted Prince Callan when she finds him shipwrecked and drifting in the ocean. The experience is nothing but a bother, so she puts it from her mind and swims off on her merry way. Two years later, while chasing an evil sea witch onto land, Dylan’s pelt is stolen, leaving her unable to return to the ocean in her sea lion body. Rather than serve as the sea witch’s tool, Dylan asks a traveling enchantress to seal her voice. The enchantress complies, and Dylan is taken to the royal palace by one of the sea witch’s minions where she encounters, yet again, Prince Callan.Between court games, a dangerous brush with a kelpie, and sniffing out the sea witch while looking for her pelt, Dylan’s days are a flavorful blend of treachery and boredom.

But during her searches and investigations, Prince Callan befriends her, making her question her loyalties. Dylan always thought her heart was with the ocean, but can she defeat the sea witch and leave Callan, forever?

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